Fri 4th January – Emily Barker (Biddulph Town Hall)
Fri 25th January – Birds of Chicago (Biddulph Town Hall)
Wed 6th February – Sean Taylor plus Martin Bell (Biddulph Town Hall)
Wed 27th February – Headlight (Formerly John Dhali Band) + Megan Dixon-Hood and band (Congleton Town Hall)
Fri 8th March – John Bramwell & The Full Harmonic Convergence (St Lawrence’s Church)
Wed 20th March Blue Rose Code (St Lawrence’s Church)
Wed 27th March – Sam Carter & Kitty Macfarlane (Biddulph Town Hall)
Fri 5th April – Sam Kelly & Ruth Notman (Biddulph Town Hall)
Wed 10th April – The Good Lovelies (St Lawrence’s Church)
Sat 13th April – Molly Tuttle (St Lawrence’s Church)
Thurs 18th April – Nixon Tate & the Honey Club (Artisan Tap N-u-L)
Wed 15th May – Madison Violet (St Lawrence’s Church)
Wed 22nd May – Midnight Skyracer (St Lawrence’s Church)
Summer 2019
Weds June 12th Dean Owens & The Southerners (St Lawrence’s Church)
Fri June 21st Cry Baby and the Hoochie Coochie Boys (St Lawrence’s Church)
Fri June 28th – Merrym’n Album Launch (The Leopard Burslem)
Wed 3rd July – Hannah Aldridge, Chance McCoy & The Goat Roper Rodeo Band (Biddulph Town Hall)
Wed 10th July – Rachel Harrington (Biddulph Town Hall)
Sat 13th July – Dawson Dean Album Launch (Biddulph Town Hall)
Fri 19th July – Whitney Rose – with support from Robbie Cavanagh & Demi Marriner (St Lawrence’s Church)
Weds 11th September – Boo Hewerdine (Biddulph Town Hall) BUY
Saturday 14th September -Beer & Music Festival featuring:The King’s Pistol, Slide Machine, Merrym’n, John Dhali & more. (Biddulph Town Hall)
Sat 28th September – Chorlton Country Club featuring special guests (St Lawrence’s Church) POSTPONED
Weds 9th October – Orphan Brigade (St Lawrence’s Church)
Thurs 10th October – Rob Heron & the Teapad Orchestra (Artisan Tap Hartshill)
Fri 18th October Kris Drever (St Lawrence’s Church)
Weds 23rd October – Chris While & Julie Matthews (St Lawrence’s Church)
Weds 30th October – Lilly Hiatt (Artisan Tap Hartshill)
Sun 3rd November – Worry Dolls plus Robert Vincent (Artisan Tap Hartshill)
Fri 15th November – Hot Club of Cowtown (Biddulph Town Hall)
Fri 29th November – Belshazzar’s Feast (St Lawrence’s Church)
Weds 4th December – Andrew Combs (St Lawrence’s Church)
Sat 7th December Richard Shindell (Biddulph Town Hall)
Weds Dec 18th My Darling Clementine plus Emily Lockett (St Lawrence’s Church)