People we've had the pleasure of seeing at Biddulph Up In Arms

September - December 2006

September 13th - Christine Collister

October 11th - Johnny Dickinson

14th October - Cajuns Denbo

25th October - Chris While & Julie Matthews

8th November - Jonathan Kelly

2nd December - Elvis Fontenot & the Sugar Bees & The Queensberry Rules

13th December  - Les Barker & Keith Donnelly


January - July 2007

Wednesday 10th January - Rosie Doonan & Ben Murray
Wednesday 14th February - Vin Garbutt
Wednesday 21st February - Hugh Lupton and Chris Wood (With Biddulph Literary Society)
Friday 9th March - The Oysterband
Wednesday 14th March - Harvey Andrews
Saturday 24th March - Elvis Fontenot & the Sugar Bees, plus The Toy Hearts
Wednesday 18th April - Iain Matthews
Wednesday 25th April - Ralph McTell
Friday 11th May - Carrie Rodriguez
Wednesday 23rd May - Phil Beer & Friends
Wednesday 13th June - Jez Lowe
Wednesday 4th July - John Spiers & Jon Boden
Wednesday 11th July - Storytelling and Music with Xanthe Gresham and Nick Hennessy
Saturday 14th July - Folk in the Park - Biddulph Grange Country Park - The Queensberry Rules, Jez Lowe, The Jalopenas, Elvis Fontenot and the Sugar Bees
Tuesday 17th July - Loud Mouthed Women & Helen Watson

September - December 2007

Tuesday 18th September -The Santa Cruz River Band (Biddulph Arms)
Friday 28th September - James Grant (Biddulph Arms)
Saturday 6th October - John Tams/Barry Coope  (Biddulph Town Hall)
Wednesday  10th October -  Jackie Leven  + Special guest support from Michael Weston King! (Biddulph Arms)
Wednesday 24th October - Chris While and Julie Matthews (Sandbach Town Hall)
Saturday 3rd November - Rosie Hardman & Graham Cooper (Biddulph Town Hall)
Wednesday  14th  November -  Kris Drever (Biddulph Arms)
Wednesday 28th November - Andy Irvine (Biddulph Town Hall)
Thursday 6th December - Bob Fox (Biddulph Arms)

January - July 2008

07/02 Queensberry Rules Album Launch (Biddulph Arms)
13/02 Alan Prosser and Benji Kirkpatrick (Biddulph Arms)
05/03 Michael Weston King and The Lonely (Biddulph Arms)
10/04 Martyn Joseph (Biddulph Arms)
18/04 Boo Hewerdine and Chris Difford (Town Hall)
23/04 Lau (Biddulph Arms)
30/04 Ivan Drever and Duncan Chisholm (Biddulph Arms)
14/05 Jonathan Kelly (Biddulph Arms)
11/06 Stephen Fearing (Biddulph Arms)
28/06 Martin Simpson and Andy Cutting (Town Hall)
02/07 Young Talent Night (Biddulph Arms)
09/07 Martha Tilston (Biddulph Arms)
12/07 Folk In The Park with....Peak Fiddler, Cajuns Denbo, Va Voom and Funk Station Zebra (Grange Country Park)

15/07 Flossie Malavialle and Loudmouth Women


Autumn 2008

Sept 10 Ruth Notman
Sept 24 Churchfitters
Oct 4 Kerfuffle
Oct 23 Phil Hulse (@ The Royal Oak, Harriseashead)
Oct 29 Vin Garbutt
Nov 1 Julie Fowlis
Nov 5 Heidi Talbot, Boo Hewerdine and John McCusker
Nov 12 Megson
Nov 28 Iain Matthews Trio (@ The Leopard, Burslem)
Dec 10 Rosie Doonan and The Snapdragons

Spring Programme 2009

Weds Jan 14   Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies ( Biddulph Arms) (Support - Paul Walker)

Fri Jan 30   Mary Gauthier and Carrie Rodriguez (Congleton Town Hall)

Weds Feb 4   Uiscedwr (Biddulph Arms) (Support - Chris & Ciaran Algar)

Weds Feb 11   Steve Knightley and Jenna (Biddulph Town Hall)

Weds Feb 25   Harvey Andrews and Graham Cooper (Biddulph Arms)

Thurs Mar 5   Martyn Joseph and Stewart Henderson (Biddulph Town Hall) - with Biddulph Literary Society

Sun Mar 29   Spiers and Boden (Leopard, Burslem) (Support - Ciaran Algar & Lizzie Campbell)

Weds Apr 22   Chris Wood (Biddulph Arms) (Support Pete Shirley)

Weds May 13  Faustus (Biddulph Arms) (Support Phil Hulse)

Fri May 15    Hot Club Of Cowtown (Biddulph Town Hall) - plus dance workshop (Support Chuck Micallef)

Sat 6th June - Carrie Rodriguez Trio (Biddulph Town Hall)

Weds June 10  John Tams and Barry Coope (Biddulph Town Hall)

Weds 24th June - Rachel Harrington (Biddulph Arms)

Thursday July 2nd - Young Talent Night (Biddulph Arms)

Thursday 9th July -  Eric Bogle and John Munro (Biddulph Town Hall)

Saturday 11th July - Folk in the Park with The Oysterband and others tbc.

Tuesday July 14th -  Christine Collister and Loud Mouth Women (Biddulph Town Hall)

Wednesday 22nd July - Vin Garbutt  with support from Megson (Biddulph Town Hall)


September 2nd - Chris While & Julie Matthews (Biddulph Town Hall) 

September 23rd - Henry Priestman ( from The Christians)

October 7th - Emily Smith / Harriet Bartlett (Biddulph Arms)

*October 14th - The Queensberry Rules (Biddulph Arms) - Album Launch

October 17th - Slaid Cleaves w/ special guest Diana Jones (The Swan, Leek)

October 21st - Clive Gregson/Stephen Fearing (Biddulph Arms)

October 30th - Elvis Fontenot & the Sugar Bees (BIddulph Arms downstairs)

*November 13th - "Private Peaceful" - Michael Morpurgo with Coope, Boyes & Simpson (In co-operation with Biddulph Literary Society)

November 18th - Martha Tilston (Biddulph Arms)

December 9th - Flossie Malavialle (Biddulph Arms)

December 11th - Thea Gilmore (Biddulph Town Hall) 



Local live showcase scheduled for 6th January cancelled due to the bad weather

Weds Jan 20th - Steve Tilston

Weds Feb 3rd - Bob Fox

Weds Feb 17th Michael Weston King and friends

Weds Mar 3rd  Glenn Tilbrook - w/support - Angie Palmer (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Weds Mar 17th Martyn Joseph w/support - Phil Maddocks

Weds Mar 24th Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham w/support - Pete Shirley (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Weds April 21st - Kirsty Mcgee Trio w/support Michelle Martin

Weds April 28th Andrea Glass w/support Garron Frith

Weds May 5th Toy Hearts and Lou Brown

Weds June 2nd - Chris While & Joe Broughton 

Weds June 16th - Emily Portman Trio and Jonny Kearney/Lucy Farrell

Weds June 30th Local Live Showcase (rearranged from January)

Saturday 10th July - Folk in the Park

Weds 14th July - Chumbawamba  (Biddulph Town Hall)

Weds 21st July - Richard Digance (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Tues  27th July - Loudmouth Women and Artisan (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Thurs 29th July - Harvey Andrews and The Tindall Family (Biddulph Town Hall) 


Thurs September 9th - The Queensberry Rules/Philip Leese - Smoke Trails & Folk Tales - an evening of story and song on a local history theme (Masonic Hall Kidsgrove)

Weds September 15th - Eliza Carthy/Saul Rose (Biddulph Arms)

Weds September 29th - Rachel Harrington/Rod Clements and Angie Palmer (Biddulph Arms)

Weds October 6th - Megson  w/ Flaxenby (Biddulph Arms)

Weds October 20th - Roy Bailey/John Kirkpatrick and David Ferrard (Biddulph Arms) 

Sun October 24th  Spiers and Boden (Leopard, Burslem) 

Fri October 29th - The Queensberry Rules - "The place that brought us up" - Celebrating 100 years since the Federation of Stoke-on-Trent - an evening of songs about the Potteries with some specially written for the project. (The Leopard, Burslem)

Weds November 3rd - Otis Gibbs  w/ Kaiser Cartel (Biddulph Arms) 

Weds November 17th - Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies (Biddulph Arms)

Weds November 24th - Jim Causley (Biddulph Arms)

Weds December 15th AND Thursday 16th December - Flossie Maliavialle/Keith Donnelly and Les Barker (Biddulph Arms) NOTE - Wednesday has sold out - Thursday is an extra date added!


Wednesday 16thFebruary - Local Live Showcase (Biddulph Arms)

Wednesday 16th March Gren Bartley (Biddulph Arms

Wednesday 23rdMarch - Rosie Doonan Trio/Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts (Biddulph Arms)

Saturday 2ndApril - Show of Hands (Clonter Theatre, Congleton)

Wednesday 27thApril - Vin Garbutt (Biddulph Arms)

Wednesday 11thMay - Kieran Goss (Biddulph Arms)

Wednesday 15thJune - Lucy Ward (Biddulph Arms)

Wednesday 29th June - Pete Morton (Biddulph Arms)

Saturday 9th July - Folk in the Park (Biddulph Grange Country Park)

Wednesday 13th July -Martin Simpson  w/Blair Dunlop (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Tuesday 19th July - Chris While & Julie Matthews / Loud Mouth Women (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Wednesday 27th July - Steve Tilston & Martha Tilston (Biddulph Town Hall)



Weds Sept 7- Anniversary Concert (Biddulph Arms)
Weds Sept 21- Slaid Cleaves (Biddulph Arms)
Sat Sept 24- All Along the Wall (Biddulph Town Hall)
featuring..Julie Matthews, Ruth Notman, Boo Hewerdine, Rory Mcleod, Jez Lowe and Kate Bramley along with poets Kate Fox and Elvis McgonagallBYOD
Weds Oct 5- Lau (Biddulph Arms)
Weds Oct 26- Kan (Biddulph Arms)
Weds Nov 2- Diana Jones w/ support from Flaxenby (Biddulph Arms)
Weds Nov 9- Martyn Joseph (Biddulph Arms)SOLD OUT!!
Weds Nov 23- Emily Smith (Biddulph Arms)
Weds Dec 7-Bob FoxDue to his 12 month contract with War Horse, Bob is unable to make this gig - his replacement isFlossie Malavialle(BiddulphArms)

Weds21st December - His Worship and the Pig



Jan 4- Jez Lowe
Feb 1- Madison Violet with special guests Breeze and Wilson
Feb 11- ahab with guests Ali Heath and Hollie Lucas (Biddulph Town Hall) BYOD CANCELLED
Feb 29- Cara Dillon with guests Tri (Biddulph Town Hall) BYOD
Mar 7- Brooks Williams and Matt Andersen
Mar 14- Rachel Lyn Harrington & the Knockouts
Mar 21- Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts with special guest Blair Dunlop
Apr 18- Carrivick Sisters
Apr 20- Spiers and Boden plus special guest Sam Carter (Congleton Town Hall) 
Apr 25- Vin Garbutt
May 2- Christine Collister
May 4- Devil's Violin Company in 'A Love Like Salt' (Biddulph Town Hall) in conjunction with Biddulph Literary Society Refreshments Available NOTE 7.30 start

12th May - ahab (Biddulph Town Hall) BYOD  NOTE RESCHEDULED DATE 

June 20th - Mike Silver

4th July - Pilgrims Way, plus Gren Bartley


11th July - My Darling Clementine (Biddulph Town Hall) BYOD

14th July - Folk in the Park (Biddulph Grange Country Park)The Slippery Hill Boys, Nightflight, The Bowden and Williamson band and Whiskey River CANCELLED

18th July - Tri - Biddulph Arms

24th July - Loud Mouth Women plus Jig Jaw

1st August - Harvey Andrews  


5th Sept - Graham Dawson (album launch)

12th September - Nancy Kerr and James Fagan

19th September - John Tams and Barry Coope

26th September - Breeze and Wilson with special guests Misner and Smith

11th October - Maddy Prior trio - Biddulph Town Hall BYOD

20th October - Ralph McTell at Clonter Theatre

3rd November - Hot Club of Cowtown - Biddulph Town Hall BYOD

7th November - Sam Carter- support Clair Brennan

14th November - Chris While and Julie Matthews

21st November - State of the Union (Boo Hewerdine and Brooks Williams) w/Garron Frith

5th December - Dave Pegg and Anthony John Clarke w/special guest Sunjay Brayne


30th January - Julie Matthews

6th February  - Amelia Curran (from Canada) with Breeze and Wilson

13th February - Steve Knightley (Biddulph Town Hall) BYOD

6th March - Jim Moray 

March 20 Toy Hearts

April 10 Martyn Joseph (advance booking essential)

April 17 Bob Fox

May 1 Martha Tilston  



May 22 Kim Richey (USA) and Clive Gregson 

June 19th - Matt Andersen

Fri/Sat June 28/29* Americana Weekend (see homepage)

Weds July 3- Ruth Moody Band with special guest Dennis Ellsworth (Biddulph Arms) 

Weds July 10- Luke Jackson (Biddulph Arms)

Weds July 17- Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar & Maz O'Connor and Matt Jones (Biddulph Arms)

Weds July 24- Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys* (Biddulph Town Hall)

Weds July 31- Bob Hall and Hilary Blythe (Biddulph Arms)


Weds Sept 4- Carrie Rodriguez (Biddulph Arms)
Weds Sept 18- Lucy Ward plus David Gibb and Elly Lucas (Biddulph Arms)
Weds Oct 2- Slaid Cleaves (Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek)
in conjunction with Leek Blues and Americana Festival
Weds Oct 9- Madison Violet (Biddulph Arms) support Heidi Browne
*Sat Oct 19- Merry Hell and Headsticks (Biddulph Town Hall)
Weds Oct 23- Vin Garbutt (Biddulph Arms)

Weds Oct 30- Chris While and Julie Matthews (Biddulph Arms)

Weds Nov 6- Chris Wood (Biddulph Arms)

Weds Nov 20- Steve Tilston Trio (Biddulph Arms)

Sat Nov 23rd Biddulph Arms Beer Festival featuring The Slippery Hill Boys (afternoon) FREE  - NOTE CHANGE OF DATE

Sat Nov 30- Oysterband (Congleton Town Hall)
Weds Dec 18- Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston (Biddulph Arms)


Weds Jan 29th- Jez Lowe support Graham Dawson
Weds Feb 5th- Brian McNeill support Ciaran Algar and Miriam Mamlouk
Sun Feb 9th- Gordie Mackeeman and his Rhythm Boys (Foxlowe, Leek)
Weds Feb 19th- Henry Priestman support Wilcox: Hulse
Weds Mar 5th- 'Blues Boy' Dan Owen and Sunjay Brayne
Weds Mar 19th- Neil McSweeney and Danni Nicholls
Weds Apr 2nd- Emily Smith Trio (Foxlowe, Leek)
Weds May 7th- Kieran Goss


June 11 The Gregory S. Davies Band and The Goat Roper Rodeo Band
July 9 Chris While and Kellie While
July 16 Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar
July 19 Pickering White and special guests charity gig (Town Hall)
July 23 Otis Gibbs


Weds Sept 24 The Young 'Uns (Biddulph Arms)
Weds Oct 1st Brooks Williams and P.J. Wright (Biddulph Arms)
part of Leek Blues and Americana Festival

Weds Oct 15th Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker (Biddulph Arms)
Sat Nov 1st Martyn Joseph (St. Lawrence's Church)
Weds Nov 5th The Hut People (Biddulph Arms)
Fri Nov 7th Mark Billingham and My Darling Clementine (Town Hall)

Weds 12th Nov Brennen Leigh (Biddulph Arms)

Weds 26th Nov Emily Portman Trio (Biddulph Arms)

Weds 10th Dec Belshazzar's Feast (Biddulph Arms)


Wednesday 28th January Dennis Ellsworth (Biddulph Arms)
Friday 30th January Oh Susanna (Foxlowe, Leek)

Weds Feb 18 Diana Jones (Biddulph Arms)

Weds Feb 25 Kris Drever ((Biddulph Arms)

Weds Mar 4 John Bramwell (I am Kloot) (Biddulph Arms)

Fri Mar 27 Eddi Reader (Clonter Opera, Congleton)

Weds 1st April - Luke Jackson and Jess Morgan (Biddulph Arms)

Thurs Apr 23 Sarah Jarosz, Sara Watkins and Aoife O'Donovan (Biddulph Town Hall)

Sun May 10 Gordie Mackeeman and his Rhythm Boys (Foxlowe Arts Centre)

Weds May 27 Graham Dawson and Taylor Maid Joint CD Launch (Biddulph Arms) 

Weds 3rd June - Slaid Cleaves (Biddulph Arms) 

Friday June 26 Hat Fitz and Cara (Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek) 

Weds July 1 Pete Shirley CD launch (Biddulph Arms)

Weds July 15 Boo Hewerdine (Biddulph Arms) 

Weds July 29 Edwina Hayes (Biddulph Arms)


Weds Sept 2 Winter Wilson (Biddulph Arms)
Weds Sept 9 Vera Van Heeringen (Biddulph Arms)
Weds Oct 14 Ciaran Algar CD launch (Town Hall)

Weds Oct 28 The Goat Roper Rodeo Band (Biddulph Arms)

Weds Nov 4th Honey Ryder (Biddulph Arms)

Fri Nov 13 Danny and the Champions of the World (Town Hall)

Sat Nov 21 Oysters 3 (John Jones, Alan Prosser, Ian Telfer) (Town Hall)

Weds Nov 25 Jez Lowe and Steve Tilston (Biddulph Arms)

Weds Dec 9 Bob Fox (Biddulph Arms)


Wednesday Apr 27 Underhill Rose (Biddulph Arms)

Saturday May 7th - Sunjay (Cock Inn, Leek) 

Saturday May 14th Clubhouse Records showcase evening - Don Gallardo, The Rosellys and Paul McClure (Biddulph Arms)

Wednesday June 8th Martyn Joseph (Biddulph Arms) 

Wednesday June 15th Hannah Aldridge with Lilly Hiatt (Biddulph Arms)

Wednesday June 29th - Megan Henwood 

Wednesday July 13th - Sam Carter, plus Clair Brennan

Wednesday July 20th - Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay (Support from Narn)


Wednesday 14th September - My Darling Clementine 

Saturday 24th September - Gordie Mackeeman and his Rhythm Boys (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Wednesday 12th October - Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Sunday October 16th - Kris Drever (Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek) 

Saturday 22nd October - Chris While, Kellie While and Julie Matthews BIddulph Town Hall) 

Wednesday 26th October - False Lights (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Wednesday 2nd November - Erin Rae Old Sam's

Wednesday 16th November - Ian McNabb Old Sam's

Saturday 26th November - Emily Barker w/The Birdscarers (Foxlowe Arts Centre Leek)

Sat Dec 3rd Emily Smith's 'Songs For Christmas' - St. Lawrence's Church 

Weds Dec 14th - Johnny Coppin's 'All on a Winter's Night' - St. Lawrence's Church 


Wednesday 18th January - Adam Holmes and the Embers (Old Sam's)

Weds Feb 1st Ange Hardy & Lukas Drinkwater (St Lawrence's Church) 

Weds March 8th - Neil McSweeney with MG Boulter and Lucy Farrell 

Weds March 29th - Lauren Housley 

Weds April 12th - Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker 

Weds April 26th - Lynne Hanson and the Good Intentions

Weds May 10th - Lady Maisery (St Lawrence's Church)

Wednesday 24th May - Daphne's Flight (Biddulph Town Hall)

Wednesday June 14th - Jonathan Byrd 

Saturday June 24th - Cancer Charity Benefit Concert feat: Elvis Fontenot, Nixon Tate & the Honey Club, The King's Pistol, Tin Chapel, Wilcox:Hulse, Dawson:Dean and others tba 

Weds June 28th Honey Ryder (Biddulph Town Hall

Friday July 7th - Alsager Americana with Don Gallardo, Loud Mountains and Hannah Aldridge (Bank Corner, Alsager 8pm)

Weds July 12th John Wort Hannam plus Chuck Micallef and Rick Ford

Weds July 26th High Plains Jamboree 



Sat Sept 9th - Wilcox:Hulse (Album Launch) (St Lawrence's Church)

Sat Sept 16th - Tin Chapel (Album Launch) To be rearranged

Weds Sept 27th State of the Union Biddulph Town Hall (NOTE VENUE CHANGE) (Boo Hewerdine & Brooks Williams)

Thurs Sept 28th - Slaid Cleaves (Foxlowe Arts Centre Leek)

Weds Oct 4th - Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman

Sat Oct 7th - Dawson Dean (Biddulph Duo Album Launch) (Biddulph Town Hall)

Friday Oct 20th Dennis Ellsworth & Kinley Dowling plus Ben Smith & Jimmy Brewer (St Lawrence's Church) 

Weds October 25th - Heidi Talbot (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Sat November 4th - Harrow Fair + support from John Dhali

Weds November 8th - Hannah Aldridge plus Jetbone (Biddulph Arms - note change of venue)) 

Weds 6th December - Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys (St Lawrence's Church)

Saturday 16th December - The Young 'Uns "We Three Sings" (St Lawrence's Church) 


Sat Jan 13th John Bramwell (I Am Kloot) + support from Merrym'n SOLD OUT

Weds Jan 24th Merry Hell (Acoustic) SOLD OUT

Weds February 7th Steve Knightley (Biddulph Town Hall)

Wed 14th Feb -The Railsplitters

Weds Feb 28th The LYNNeS (Lynne Hanson & Lynn Miles) (Biddulph St Lawrence's Church)

Weds Mar 7th Edgelarks (Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin) (Biddulph St Lawrence's Church) 


Weds Mar 21st Rod Picott (Biddulph Town Hall)

Thu 5th Apr - Orphan Colours (Artisan Tap Newcastle-under-Lyme) 

Sat Apr 14th Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar (Biddulph St Lawrence's Church)

Wed 18th April - Rowan Godel Trio 



Wed 2nd May - Jez Lowe

Weds May 16th - Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage

Fri June 1st -The Red Kites album launch + Megan Dixon-Hood + Merrym'n (Biddulph St Lawrence's Church)

Fri 22nd June - Local Live Showcase with John Dhali Band, Nixon Tate & the Honey Club, Don't Call Me Ishmael and Taskrz (Biddulph St Lawrence's Church) 

Weds June 27th The East Pointers (Biddulph St Lawrence's Church)

Friday July 13th Ian McNabb (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Weds July 18th Emily Maguire (Moved to Biddulph Town Hall)

Weds 1st August - Eilen Jewell (Biddulph Town Hall) 


Weds Sept 12th Steve Tilston (Biddulph Town Hall)

Friday Sept 28th Daphne's Flight (St Lawrence's Church)

Weds Oct 3rd Hot Rock Pilgrims  - plus Dawson Dean (St Lawrence's Church Biddulph) 

Thurs Oct 4th - Bennett, Wilson, Poole (Artisan Tap Newcastle-under-Lyme)

Sat Oct 20th Adam Holmes & The Embers plus Baskery (St Lawrence's Church) 

Weds Oct 31st - Kim Richey / Ben Glover (Biddulph Town Hall)

Weds Nov 7th - Harp and a Monkey plus Nixon Tate (Biddulph Town Hall)

Weds Nov 14th Martyn Joseph (St Lawrence's Church) 

Friday 23rd November Miles Hunt (The Wonder Stuff) (Biddulph Town Hall)

Friday 30th November - Megan Dixon-Hood CD release show (St Lawrence's Church) 

Wednesday 5th December Luke Jackson (Rearranged date) (Biddulph Town Hall)

Sat December 15th - Christmas Party with the Goat Roper Rodeo Band & Paul McClure (Biddulph Town Hall) 


Fri 4th January - Emily Barker (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Fri 25th January - Birds of Chicago (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Wed 6th February - Sean Taylor plus Martin Bell (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Wed 27th February - Headlight (Formerly John Dhali Band) + Megan Dixon-Hood and band (Congleton Town Hall)

Fri 8th March - John Bramwell & The Full Harmonic Convergence (St Lawrence's Church) 

Wed 20th March Blue Rose Code (St Lawrence's Church)

Wed 27th March - Sam Carter & Kitty Macfarlane (Biddulph Town Hall) 

Fri 5th April - Sam Kelly & Ruth Notman (Biddulph Town Hall)

Wed 10th April - The Good Lovelies (St Lawrence's Church)

Sat 13th April - Molly Tuttle (St Lawrence's Church) 

Thurs 18th April  - Nixon Tate & the Honey Club (Artisan Tap N-u-L) 

Wed 15th May - Madison Violet (St Lawrence's Church)

Wed 22nd May - Midnight Skyracer (St Lawrence's Church)