Gig Programme


Biddulph Up in Arms Concerts

Check us on this site for the latest information and if in doubt, ring before travelling. All gigs at the Biddulph Arms unless noted otherwise.

Concerts - doors 7.30 for 8pm start.


Fri 4th January - Emily Barker (Biddulph Town Hall)  BUY

Fri 25th January - Birds of Chicago (Biddulph Town Hall) BUY

Wed 6th February - Sean Taylor plus Martin Bell (Biddulph Town Hall) BUY

Wed 27th February - Headlight (Formerly John Dhali Band) + Megan Dixon-Hood and band (Congleton Town Hall) BUY 

Fri 8th March - John Bramwell & The Full Harmonic Convergence (St Lawrence's Church) BUY

Wed 20th March Blue Rose Code (St Lawrence's Church) BUY

Wed 27th March - Sam Carter & Kitty Macfarlane (Biddulph Town Hall) BUY

Fri 5th April - Sam Kelly & Ruth Notman (Biddulph Town Hall) BUY

Wed 10th April - The Good Lovelies (St Lawrence's Church) BUY

Sat 13th April - Molly Tuttle (St Lawrence's Church) BUY

Thurs 18th April  - Nixon Tate & the Honey Club (Artisan Tap N-u-L) BUY

Wednesday 8th May - Robbie Fulks (Biddulph Town Hall) BUY

Wed 15th May - Madison Violet (St Lawrence's Church) BUY

Wed 22nd May - Midnight Skyracer (St Lawrence's Church) BUY


Wed 10th July - Rachel Harrington (Biddulph Town Hall) BUY

Fri 19th July - Whitney Rose (St Lawrence's Church) BUY

Fri 15th November - Hot Club of Cowtown (Biddulph Town Hall) BUY


Seats may be reserved by contacting organiser Craig Pickering on 01782 523277

Tickets bought via external links will be subject to a booking fee.