Wednesday 2nd February – The Craig Pickering Jukebox (Biddulph Town Hall) – a collection of local acts play tribute to Craig SOLD OUT
Wednesday 16th February – Michael Weston King (Biddulph Town Hall)
Saturday 2nd April – Merry Hell / Ranagri (Biddulph Town Hall)
Wednesday 11th May – Dean Owens (with Jim Maving) (Biddulph Town Hall)
Friday 10th June – The Magpie Arc (Biddulph Town Hall)
Saturday 2nd July – Karen Jonas (Biddulph Town Hall)
Wednesday 6th July – Evangeline Gentle (Canada) + Paul McClure (St Lawrence’s Church)
Friday 15th July – Hannah Aldridge (USA)/Lachlan Bryan (AUS) & band (Biddulph Town Hall)
Tuesday 30th August – Andrew Combs (USA) (St Lawrence’s Church)
Friday 21st October – Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage (St Lawrence’s Church)
Friday 11th November – Adam Holmes (St Lawrence’s Church)
Saturday 3rd December – My Darling Clementine (Biddulph Town Hall)